Regional Connections

Live in Morden and don't have room for a garden on your yard? Rent a garden plot for only $20! Registration is on Wednesday, April 25, from 6:30PM-8:00PM at the back entrance of the Morden Library.
For more information: manyhandsrc@gmail.com or 204-823-1678

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Learn English for Your New Life in Canada CLB Tests, LINC Certificates, and CLB Resources

Placement Tests

All new students will take a CLB Placement Test before attending an ESL class.  You will make an appointment for this test when you visit your settlement worker.

LINC Certificates

If you attend enough hours in your ESL class, you will get a LINC Certificate when the class is finished.  You must attend regularly to receive this report.  LINC Certificates can be used for Citizenship and to register for college or university classes.  For more information about LINC Certificates, talk to your teacher or call Regional Connections in Winkler (204-325-4059).

CLB Resources

Downloads available here.