Regional Connections

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Settlement Community Connections

Connecting with others

Connecting with others in your new community is an important step in the settlement process. Making new friends and contacts will help you feel at home in Canada. It may also help you advance your professional goals by creating a network of people that can support you in your search for work. There are many different ways in which you can connect with others in your new city or town. Some options include:

  • Immigrant-serving organizations
  • Volunteering
  • Community centres
  • Sports teams and sports centres
  • Joining associations or social clubs
  • Getting involved in your child’s school
  • Places of worship
  • Your neighbourhood

Community Organizations, Programs, and Services

Events Calendar

For more information on upcoming events, activities, and programs that can help you connect with your new community, contact:

Winkler: Valeria at 204 325 4059

Morden: Lynette at 204 822 4387

Altona: Samantha at 204 324 6858

For more information on volunteering at or through Regional Connections, contact Elaine at 204-325-4059.