Employer Services Work Placement Subsidy

Work Placement Subsidy – Gateway to Work Experience for Newcomers (GWEN)

This initiative offers a unique opportunity for both employers and newcomers. Employers who meet specific eligibility criteria may receive wage subsidy. Newcomers seeking meaningful work experience and a pathway to long-term employment will find valuable opportunities within this program.

Please review the eligibility requirements below.

Employer Eligibility

  • A registered business in the manufacturing or hospitality sector.
  • Willing to provide entry-level placement opportunities for individuals with limited or no relevant work experience after they complete the 1-month GWEN training program.
  • Committed and have the capacity to pay the participant for the duration of the placement.
  • Compliant with all federal and provincial human rights and labor legislation, regulations, and any other relevant standards, including the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Employment Standards Act.
  • Registered with the Workers Compensation Board (WCB).

Placement Eligibility:

  • Placement must include work related to manufacturing or hospitality/cleaning and have the potential to lead to full-time ongoing employment.
  • Guarantee 4 weeks of consecutive employment.
  • Be a full-time position (minimum 25 hours/week).


  • Shaila Parveen (Project Liaison)
  • shaila@regionalconnections.ca
  • 204 325 4059