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Are you in search of skilled and dedicated workers to join your team? We are here to make your recruitment process seamless and efficient.

At Regional Connections, we offer a range of services designed to meet your employment needs.

Job Board Exposure: We provide a platform for you to post your job advertisements, reaching a wide pool of candidates actively seeking employment. Send your job listings to rcemployment@regionalconnections.ca and we will post your job and advertise them to our clients.

Tailored Resumes: Our team specializes in crafting employer-focused resumes that highlight the skills and qualifications you seek, saving you valuable time in the selection process.

Guided Job Application: We assist our clients in navigating job application procedures and offer support in their job search efforts, ensuring they are well-prepared for the positions you offer.

Direct Referrals: Count on us for direct referrals of motivated candidates eager to contribute to your organization’s success.

Trades Qualification and Apprenticeship Support: If your industry requires specialized qualifications or apprenticeships, we can provide information sessions and referrals.

Language and Integration: We offer referrals to employment-related English programs, such as “English at Work” and “English for Work.”

Workplace Workshops: Our workshops cover essential topics, including Employment Standards, workplace culture and integration, providing you with a more adaptable and informed workforce.

Partner with us and gain access to a diverse talent pool of skilled individuals ready to contribute to your business’s success. 


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Contact us: rcemployment@regionalconnections.ca