Learn English for Your New Life in Canada Study English Yourself

Set Goals and Make a Plan

The first thing to do is to set goals and make a plan for your learning.  As an adult living in an English country, you are in control of how much English you learn!  Most people learn better with goals and a plan.  Think about:

  • Where do I need to use English this week?  At work?  At the store?  At the bank?  With my neighbours?
  • What do I need to do in English?  Speak?  Read?  Write?  Listen?
  • How many new words do I want to learn this week?
  • How much time will I spend studying every day?

It helps to write your plan on a paper:

Download this paper for making goals and recording English activities.
Download this paper for recording new words.


English is Everywhere!

Living in Canada, you can practice and learn English almost anywhere!  Here are some great ideas:

Download PDF


Use the Internet

Important: Download this paper to record your internet learning activities.English Online is a Manitoba website for learning English.  It will connect you to an English teacher, who will help you learn.Mango Languages is a beginner’s program for learning many languages.
You can register for free if you have a South Central Regional Library (Morden/Winkler/Altona) card.

Click here for more great internet resources.