Volunteer Special Events

Special Events

South Central Immigrant Services and Regional Connections organize a number of special cultural and community events every year (see some of our past special events). Volunteers are critical for making these events successful!

Volunteers can help organize events that introduce small groups of newcomers to local activities, ex. greenhouse tours, picnics in the park, local museums, skiing and hiking trails, etc. They can also invite newcomers to attend community events like festivals, concerts, and even hockey games!

Volunteers can also attend and provide support at larger Regional Connections-organized events such as festival parades, multicultural celebrations, and the 2014 Manitoba Winter Games.

Primary Responsibilities

Volunteers who organize events will collaborate with the Volunteer Program Coordinator and/or a Community Liason worker at Regional Connections
Volunteers who participate and provide support will agree to tasks and responsibilities according to volunteer availability and the needs of the event

Time Commitment

Time commitment will vary depending on the event, volunteer role, and volunteer availability
The Volunteer Program Coordinator will match volunteers with appropriate events and roles based on volunteer interest and availability

Orientation, Training, and Support

Optional: attend volunteer orientation sessions on program services, culture shock, and cross-cultural skills


Attend meetings, if necessary, as determined by the event’s organizing committee
Keep private client information confidential

Volunteer Application

If you’d like to discuss your interests and our volunteer opportunities further, or if you’re ready to receive and complete a volunteer application, please fill out the form below. Thank you!