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Pembina Valley – Regional Connections Prepare Newcomers for Citizenship

February 11, 2019

Regional Connections strives to give immigrants the tools they need to become Canadians, a prominent part of that is preparing for their citizenship exam.

Volunteer and Integration Coordinator Alesha Hildebrand, says the six-week program is designed to give those who’ve completed their citizenship application, their greatest chance at success.

“Newcomers who come to Canada have a dream to live in Canada and be part of Canadian culture and society. By giving them this preparation class, it’s building that bridge to them, being here then become citizens.”

Hildebrand notes these newcomers can then feel they are prepared and know that both Regional Connections and their community are supporting them.

The program runs three times over the year, focusing on the different aspects of the exam, covering government laws, and the current government. Hildebrand says these questions would be difficult for Canadian born residents, for those not born here some of these questions aren’t topics you naturally find out.

With the Pembina Valley growing ever more in diversity, now with representation from over 130 countries, seeing people become new Canadians is an inspiring moment, Hildebrand says.

“It’s important that we celebrate the successes of individuals who have now met their goal to become a Citizen, they’re not only able to vote, but now they feel like they’re part of everything else that has to do with being a part of Canadian culture.”

March 26, Winkler will host the Canadian Citizenship ceremony for Manitoba, recognizing 50 people across Manitoba as new Canadians.

The six-week program runs three times over the year, focusing on the different aspects of the exam. Submitted photo.
A group of new Canadians after their citizenship ceremony.

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