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Literacy Graduation & Story

June 14, 2016

Last week we were very excited to graduate 14 students from our literacy program at Regional Connections! They worked very, very hard, had the support of some excellent instructors, and accomplished so much. Here’s the story of one of this year’s literacy students, Eva (she wrote it herself):


“As an Adult

As an adult, I never thought that I would ever go to school in my life again. But my husband wanted me to go to school for many years. I always said, “No, it is too embarrassing because I’m an adult and can’t read and write. I just can’t do it.” Then one day he stopped telling me to go to school and everybody else stopped telling me to go to school too. Then I felt like I could finally accept that I could not read and write. Every time when I wanted to go shopping, I asked my husband to make the grocery list for me. He never says no if I ask him to read and write anything for me. I always thought that it was okay for me not to read. The hardest part is when my little children came up to me and asked, “Mom what does this word mean?” Then I had to tell them, “I’m sorry I don’t know how to read and write.” That’s why I decided to go to school. It was so hard the first couple days. I wanted to quit so bad but I knew if I did I would regret it later so much. So I stayed and I am happy I did. I have only been in school for a few months I have learned so much already. I made good friends and the teachers are so nice and easy to talk to and ask questions. They are always so willing to help. I have a lot more to learn. I’m excited to think about how much more I can learn so that one day I don’t have to ask anybody to help me anymore, and so that I can take a book and read it by myself.”


Way to go Eva! Literacy classes have finished for the summer, but registration for fall classes opens on August 22nd. Contact Regional Connections for more information.

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