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Community recruits through provincial immigration program

September 4, 2018

Sathiyaseela (Sheela) Ramesh and her family looked for years for a way to leave India and immigrate to Canada — and they finally found it through a strategic recruitment program run by a small community in south-central Manitoba.

“It’s not so easy to come to Canada without a connection like a friend or relative or a job offer,” Ramesh said during a break from inspecting jackets at Deasil Custom Sewing in Morden.

“Once we came here on exploratory visit, I got a job offer … and then Manitoba nominated me to get permanent residence status in Canada.”

At a time when Canada’s refugee and immigration policy is being hotly debated, the small community of Morden has seen its population nearly double in the last decade. Much of that can be attributed to foreign workers recruited to Manitoba under the provincial nominee program.

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Manitoba community recruits through provincial immigration program

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