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Pembina Valley – New Employment Program to Help Connect Skilled Workers With Employers

July 27, 2020

Pembina Valley Online, July 27, 2020

By Ryan Funk

For the past few months, Adeleke Dada has been working in his role as Employment Coordinator at Regional Connections.

With this being a new department within the organization, Regional Connections had a form of employment services before its implementation. However, there wasn’t a contact person who would interact with local businesses.

“That’s an area that was missing, and that’s what Regional Connections, as an organization, got funding for this position. One of the major tasks involved is us being able to build stronger relationships with employers. We have good relationships with newcomers, a database that features newcomers and their different skill levels and lived experiences.”

In addition to building stronger relationships, Dada says they will assist newcomers in marketing themselves, so they’ll have greater success in their search for employment. Before starting this position, Dada worked for SEED Winnipeg, a not for profit that works with individuals with low-income jobs. The program helps train them in financial literacy and empowerment. This brought him across the province, working in various communities, which started his passion for working with newcomers to find employment.

When the Regional Connections job became available, he says it was a perfect fit. As Employment Coordinator, Dada hopes to continue to foster new relationships with businesses and newcomers to show you don’t have to look outside the Pembina Valley for skilled workers. He says when employers are hiring locally, it helps the community, and then workers will spend locally, promoting a healthy local economy.

“That’s why this position was created so that we can address the issues of employment, cultural barriers in some workplaces, and employment needs for businesses.”

Although the position is very new, Dada says he dove straight into the work, meeting with local employers and commerce chamber. He says this is just a starting point, and he expects things to get busy quickly.

Adeleke Dada, Employment Coordinator at Regional Connections

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